Singapore HDB Flat

It still amazes me how a change in perspective alters the way we see things. There was a time when I expressed my opinion that it would make HDBs look neater and maybe a bit more sophisticated if they were painted mostly white, or at least of a lighter shade. I imagined the entire of Singapore having rows and rows of white buildings as dwelling places. When I finally listened to what I was saying, I wanted to smack myself in the head.

Over the years, I’ve encountered a number of Singaporeans who say that their country, Singapore, is boring.  I don’t agree with their observation perhaps because I’m an introvert (i.e., I keep to myself and find it hard to be bored).  But a quick googling of “Singapore is boring” reveals how popular this sentiment is.  Allowing my idea to see the light of day doesn’t exactly help disprove this notion.

For most part of my life, at least up to the present, I have never been one to live inside a dull, ordinary white box. I realize now that choice had a lot to do with it but this hasn’t always been the case, especially during the dark moments, when I was afflicted with the victim mindset. What lead me away from this mentality? A change of perspective of course. And a decision to continuously live under bright light.

Living outside a boring white box means life being an adventure, taking risks, learning new things and setting up one’s self where a thing or two eventually goes wrong. It is a life filled with colors, one that requires a person to see things not in black and white but in the full spectrum of light. But it is also a life where things don’t always go as planned and therefore one filled with tears, laughter, hope and disappointment. But isn’t that what life is all about?

It’s true, a change of perspective can shed new light and bring fresh color to an otherwise dull and boring view.  Perhaps it’s time to tilt those lenses?